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Here at ecigs-coupon-codes.com we are real people with real reviews and real savings. We got started in vaping and ecigs just like you out of curiosity and wanting to save money when purchasing them. Spending hundreds of man hours researching and testing the new technology it just became apparent that just like us many others could benefit from our long hours of Caffeine and Nicotine. We truly hope this site helps you in what ever way it can. Be safe and have an amazing day.

Meet the Team:

guy in hat and smokingNick S.: Ive been a smoker for 7 years and have made the switch to ecigs (vaping) about 1 year ago. I joined the team here to help with coding. I graduated boston university with a degree in social sciences. Some of my leisure activities are, mountain bike riding, online gaming, reading on my kindle and hanging with amazing friends. If there is anything I can do to help you with your ecig or saving the most when you purchase I’m here to help.

Jacqueline: mmmm what to say, im totally in luv with my ecigs. I joined the team here to be a writer and do review of the top brands. I have always been interested in writing and now that I can write about one of my lifestyle choices I feel I have the best job in the world. Ecigs IMO are the future and I’m very excited to be here to help. If you need anything I am here to help.

Amy J.: I started in Customer Support and now I do support and site maintenance. I am still in school to be a social worker. If you send a support ticket you will most likely get a reply from me. xoxo

We are looking for active writers and real reviews by real customers if interested in contributing a review or articles please contact us here.

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