Altria: Marlboro NXT Expansion & MarkTen Electronic Cigarette Plans

Big names in the tobacco industry have already noticed the possibility of success in the market of electronic cigarettes. Altria, which introduced Marlboro cigarettes to the world, is the last of the three tobacco leviathans to have announced its plans on launching its own brand of electronic cigarettes. Yet, this does not mean that Altria will already focus on its electronic cigarette venture. It just could not abandon the industry in which it has built a resounding name and well-known reputation.

Marlboro NXT Expansion

In the company’s earnings call for the second quarter and first half of the year 2013, CEO and Chairman of Altria Group, Inc. Marty Barrington made a revealing announcement about introducing the company’s Marlboro NXT this month to other 23 states in the eastern region of the United States.

Marlboro NXT is an extension of Philip Morris Marlboro Black. This product particularly features the crushable capsule of menthol. Last fall, Marlboro NXT was debuted in two initial regions. Barrington said that the consumers received the product quite well. It was a product worthy to be added in the Black Family of Marlboro.

Along with the expansion of Marlboro NXT, Altria will also be increasing the distribution of its product, Verve. It is a nicotine disc that has no tobacco and it will soon be distributed to other 1,200 Virginia stores this coming September.

MarkTen Entry Preparation

Altria will definitely be busy during this second half of 2013. With the expansion of Marlboro NXT and Verve, Barrington also announced that plans for the upcoming release of MarkTen are also on course. Recently, the company announced that in August, this new electronic cigarette brand will be first introduced in Indiana. Nu mark, the subsidiary of Altria is the one responsible for completing the marketing plans for this new product.

In line with the raised concerns of regulators that electronic cigarette manufacturers and sellers are targeting the youth, Barrington said that the company’s marketing campaign will surely verify that the targeted audience of the product is adult smokers and vapers.

The company might be the last of the big tobacco firms to enter the electronic cigarette scene. Lorillard was the first when it acquired Blu Cigs last year. Reynolds American was the second when it launched Vuse in July 1 in Colorado. Nonetheless, Barrington said that the Altria is confident that it can successfully get MarkTen to the consumers. He added that the products are still in their infancy days and it will be a long game still for everyone.

More Details On MarkTen Electronic Cigarettes

MarkTen is designed to give adult vapers a draw quality that is similar to that of real cigarettes, but with an appealing taste. It is equipped with the Four Draw technology that is designed to offer vapers consistency in their vaping experience.

The electronic cigarette comes in rechargeable and disposable types. If the adult consumer decides to recharge the device, he/she only needs to buy replacement for the cartomizer and an accessory kit that contains components for recharging it.

There will also be two flavors that MarkTen will be made available in, menthol and classic. Each electronic cigarette cartridge will approximately be containing 1.5% nicotine by weight. The nicotine amount that the adult user will receive will be based on how the consumer will use the device. Nicotine amount in every MarkTen cartridge is within the range of nicotine amount in other electronic cigarette brands today.

The electronic cigarette device will be manufactured by a licensed and established Chinese manufacturer while the e-liquid will be made by a Nu Mark Affiliate. It will contain nicotine derived from tobacco, propylene glycol, glycerol and water for the classic flavor; while the menthol flavor will be added with menthol flavoring.

The package of this product will also carry a warning that says it is not and has not been tested as a smoking cessation device. The warning on the label will also indicate that it is intended for users in legal age or older and not by children, pregnant/breastfeeding women or persons with high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes or taking asthma/depression medications. Likewise, it will also be indicated on the label that addictive nicotine is habit forming and can be toxic if swallowed or contacted through the skin. The substance can cause stomach pain, nausea, dizziness and can increase blood pressure and heart rate.

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