Electronic Cigarette Batteries From Evod Recalled

According to the recent notice released by KangerTech, it is voluntarily recalling all Evod electronic cigarette batteries whose manufacturing date was before June 24 of this year.  The batteries in question were specifically those that were bought via Haven Gifts. These were items supplied around the end of March until the start of April. Haven Gifts is an official distributor of Kangertech and the said batteries, luckily, were just supplied to this distributor.  KangerTech is a manufacturer of electronic cigarettes in China.

Being a responsible provider of electronic cigarettes and products, Kangertech initiated a move to work with Haven Gifts. It is concerned about the safety of its customers.  Although the recall and replacements might cause some inconveniences to some users, it is the company’s aim to pursue this action so that customer’s safety may be ensured.

It is to be known that only those batteries bought from Haven Gifts that are covered by the recall. If you bought your electronic cigarette batteries from Kangertech directly or from its authorized dealers, be assured that your items are guaranteed. If in case a customer likes to know about EVOd battery safety, the company can be contacted directly.

Also Included In The Notice

While there might only be a few defective units, the company is already voluntarily recalling other batteries to better safeguard its customers.  Aside from electronic cigarette batteries that were made prior to the given date, it was also included in the notice that there were batteries made after June 24, which are also being withdrawn by the manufacturer. These electronic cigarette batteries include: all 65o mAh Evod batteries in colors blue, yellow and matte black (no matter what date of manufacture), 1000 mAh batteries in green and yellow (regardless when they are made) and starter kits containing yellow electronic cigarette batteries (no matter when the manufacturing date is).  Thus, every Kangertech customer or user of these said batteries were advised to stop using them and surrender the said devices to Kangertech.

What Brought About The Recall

The recall was caused by the feedback received by Kangertech. Comments were sent to the manufacturer that said some electronic cigarette batteries, although charged, actually die after a very short period of use.

The manufacturer discerned that this problem might be due to the 2-3 battery cell batches that were received from the factory.  According to Kangertech, although there is a very small chance that the defective batteries might explode while being charged, it is already withdrawing them to avoid further problems or accidents.  As early as possible, thanks to the comments and feedback of users, the manufacturer was able to act responsibly and immediately.

Kangertech has solved the issue by correcting the problem about the defective cells. Furthermore, stricter rules and quality controls are now instituted by the company regarding electronic cigarette batteries. Evod batteries are now produced with better quality cells.

The manufacturer offers free replacement for any defective units surrendered to them. Kangertech will give the consumer new better quality batteries without any charge.

About Kangertech

Established in 2007, Kangertech is among the earliest electronic cigarette manufacturers in the country.  Its manufactured products are being used and enjoyed in North America, Middle East, mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and United Kingdom.  Invention and innovation are the two most important principles of the company along with customer focus and top quality. Its products are quality assured and certified by SGS, CE Rohs and ISO 9001. It also adheres to ISO 14000 International Environmental Management System and also to the International Environmental Management System. It is very much concerned to offer electronic cigarette brand that suits the satisfaction and health of its patrons.

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