Electronic Cigarette V2 Cigs Review

Despite being a young and small company, V2 Cigs has dominated every product review out there and is now one of the top 3 selling e-cig brands. V2 Cigs even knocked out the more established companies to become the #1 electronic cigarette website at Alexa.

V2 ecigs are the perfect alternative to traditional cigarettes. They’re way cheaper, they do not produce second hand smoke, and they never cause fires. No carbon monoxide, no tar, no ashes. And you can enjoy the same amazing smoking experience in places where smoking is prohibited.

V2 Cigs is the only e-cigarette company that publishes its ingredients and batch testing results, so you know exactly what you are inhaling. If you want rich authentic flavors and superior vapor volume, in an affordable kit that’s tailor-made for your smoking style, then you should definitely check out V2 Cigs.

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e Cig Pros and Cons

V2 Cigs Pros

  • Custom cartridge flavors
  • Manual battery option
  • Ingredients and testing results disclosed on site
  • Authentic rich flavors
  • Thick vapor volume
  • More kit and accessory choices
  • 30 day money back guarantee on all starter kits
  • Lifetime warranty on all electronic components
  • Live customer support chat
  • Great price

V2 Cigs Cons

V2 Cigs is the number one electronic cigarette brand today for one reason – everyone loves it! There has been no negative feedback so far from V2 users.

 Full V2 Cigs Review

People spend around $5 to $15 for a pack of tobacco cigarettes. With V2 Cigs, you can reduce your smoking expenses by up to 75% and make your family and friends happy as well.

A single V2 Flavor Cartridge is equivalent to 20-30 cigarettes (depending on puff depth), with no butts to dispose of. With 12 flavors and four nicotine levels to choose from, you’ll be able to easily find the right taste and strength that suits your preference.

V2 electronic cigs are tar free, ash free, and create no fire risk. They do not emit tobacco odor, so you no longer need to worry about offending your non-smoking friends. No longer will you need to step outside in inclement weather – you can smoke virtually anywhere, even in no-smoking zones such as bus terminals, bars, restaurants, offices, and airports. V2 e-cigs won’t leave your home and car smelling like an ashtray.

They also offer a referral/rewards program called Smoke4Free that can help you further reduce, or even eliminate, your monthly e-cigarette costs. Every time you refer V2 Cigs to a friend, you will be rewarded with in-store credit for free merchandise. With Smoke4Free, you and your friends can enjoy substantial discounts on V2 ecigs.

Packaging and Style

V2 Cigs kits come in a cool blue and white box. A foam insert holds the batteries, with the chargers and cartridges packed neatly underneath. All V2 Cigs Flavor Cartridges are foil packed and sealed to guard against contamination and ensure product freshness through the labeled expiration date. V2 E-Liquid is packaged in specially designed child-proof bottles to protect you and your family.

V2 Cigs offers six types of electronic cigarette kits, each tailored to your smoking style. Lets take a look at there kits and there contents. Starting of with the most popular kits they offer online.

v2 ultimate kit contents

Editors Note: We love that they offer white, black, blue and stainless steel cigs (the battery portion of the cig), and the tip color is the flavor of the Cartridges. Both in our reviews everyone male and female thought this was a bonus addition the brands style and user style.

V2 cigs e-cigarette starter kits

Express Kit

  • 1 V2 Standard Automatic Battery
  • 1 V2 Flavor Cartridge
  • 1 Express Charger

Economy Kit

  • 1 V2 Standard Automatic Battery
  • 10 V2 Flavor Cartridges
  • 1 Smart Charger with cord
  • 1 Wall Adapter

Standard Kit

  • 1 V2 Automatic Battery
  • 1 V2 Manual Battery
  • 10 V2 Flavor Cartridges
  • 1 Smart Charger with cord
  • 1 Wall Adapter

Couples Kit

  • 4 Batteries (Any Size, Color, Switch)
  • 20 V2 Flavor Cartridges
  • 2 Smart Chargers with cord
  • 2 Wall Adapters

Traveler Kit

  • 2 Batteries (Any Size, Color, Switch)
  • 15 Flavor Cartridges
  • 1 Smart Charger with cord
  • 1 Wall Adapter
  • 1 Portable Charging Case
  • 1 Car Adapter
  • 1 Notebook-Cig

Ultimate Kit

  • 3 Batteries (Any Size, Color, Switch)
  • 25 V2 Flavor Cartridges
  • 1 Smart Charger with cord
  • 1 Wall Adapter
  • 1 Portable Charging Case XL
  • 1 Metal Carry Case
  • 1 Lanyard
  • 1 Car Adapter
  • 1 Power-Cig

All these kits are top of the line. Reviews in the industry rate them at the top 3 for style and best look & feel.

Flavor and Vapor

V2 Flavor Cartridges are filled with a proprietary e-liquid solution of propylene glycol, water, and flavorings in different nicotine strengths. V2 cartridges have built-in atomizers so there is no maintenance required.

Each V2 Flavor Cartridge can produce between 150-220 puffs, roughly equivalent to a pack of tobacco cigarettes. When the vapor becomes weak and has a burnt taste, then it’s time to replace the cartridge. Just screw off the old cartridge and screw on a fresh one.

They offers Flavor Cartridges, Premium E-Liquid, and V2 Disposables in 12 fantastic flavors.

  • Red is a classic American tobacco blend. Hearty Virginia tobacco flavor with a hint of sweetness, this bold flavor is a top seller. If you are fan of Marlboro, Pal-Mal, Winston, Basic, Lucky Strike, Doral, and Chesterfield, V2 Red is for you.
  • Congress has a smooth refined tobacco taste similar to Parliament cigarettes. Flavor notes start with light American tobacco and end with a smooth finish. If you love Marlboro Lights, Benson & Hedges, Kent, Merit, L & M, and Viceroy, V2 Congress is for you.
  • Sahara is a rich Turkish tobacco blend. If you love the rich taste of Camel, Kent, American Spirit, Merit, and European cigarette varieties, V2 Sahara is the vapor flavor for you.
  • Cool, minty, and refreshing, V2 Menthol is the brand’s most popular flavor. Even non-menthol smokers love this crisp flavor formula that feels like exhaling a Tic Tac. If you’re a fan of Marlboro Menthol, Kool, Salem, and Newport, V2 Menthol is for you.
  • Peppermint Flavor Cartridges are absolutely scrumptious. With peppermint and sugar swirled together with a touch of spearmint, this flavor has a strong following. Even if you are not a menthol smoker, you’ll love the sweet taste of V2 Peppermint.
  • Mint Tea is bursting with refreshing mint combined with the smooth, soothing properties of green tea. This flavor was such a hit that V2 added it to its permanent flavor selection.
  • Vanilla is the most popular specialty flavor from the V2 line. You’ll love V2 Vanilla if you have a sweet tooth.
  • Coffee is a rich Columbian blend, with a hint of cream and sugar. Popular with everyone who enjoys a good cup of Joe, V2 Coffee is a great addition to your morning routine.
  • Chocoholics love the creamy milk choco flavor of V2 Chocolate. A rich taste that will satisfy your sweet tooth, V2 Chocolate cartridges are sure to satisfy your cravings.
  • Cherry is bursting with ripe, juicy cherry goodness. If you enjoy fresh fruit flavors, V2 Cherry is the flavor for you.

V2 has created two special flavor profiles for its Disposables series. The classic American Tobacco blend has a near-perfect, satisfying cigarette flavor while the menthol flavor is light and refreshing. If you want to try V2 Cigs in a convenient, single-use e-cig, then get a pack of V2 Tobacco or V2 Menthol Disposables.

If you are very particular with taste, you can design your own custom cartridge flavors and V2 will make them for you.

8 eliquid refill bottles and 3 liquidmax blanks

V2 E-liquid contains a tested mixture of nicotine and various food flavorings in a propylene glycol base (used in fog machines, asthma inhalers, food, and toothpaste). Zero strength e-liquid contains no nicotine. V2 E-liquid is available in many of your favorite food flavors like apple juice, strawberries, nuts, cinnamon, and vanilla.

V2 Cigs Nicotine Levels

V2 Cigs cartridges are available in four nicotine levels.

  • 18mg Full Strength = Unfiltered
  • 12mg Medium Strength = Full Flavored
  • 6mg Light Strength = Lights
  • Zero Strength = No Nicotine

The higher the nicotine content, the stronger the vapor taste and feel. If you’re not sure what to pick, a V2 customer support representative can help guide you in making the right nicotine content choice.

Battery and Value

V2 batteries come in three sizes: shorty (150mAh, 160+ puffs), standard (250mAh, 200+ puffs), and long (380mAh, 300+ puffs). You also have the option to get an automatic or manual battery.

Unlike V2 automatic batteries which activate by puffing, the manual batteries have a small rubber button installed on the body of the e-cigarette. Many users prefer manual batteries because they offer a greater level of control and precision when it comes to vapor volume. Automatic batteries are easier to use and better for hands-free multi-tasking, while manual batteries produce the thickest vapor.

v2 batteries review

A fully charged battery can last from 4-5 hours for heavy smokers, to over a full week for social smokers. The V2 standard automatic battery is designed to last at least 200 deep puffs, while the long battery can last up to 450 puffs. This really depends on your vaping style and frequency. Some users can go through 2-3 cartridges before the battery needs recharging. As a battery’s power diminishes, you will notice a reduction in vapor volume. It is always recommended to have a spare on hand, and to charge your batteries nightly.

When the battery requires charging it will begin to blink. V2 batteries can be fully charged in 1-2 hours with the Smart Charger.

V2 Cigs batteries are among the most responsive on the market. There battery technology is truly amazing”,They have an incredibly smooth draw and produce massive amounts of vapor even on small hits.


V2 Cigs is highly rated in the industry not only for its product quality but for price as well.

Each V2 Flavor Cartridge is formulated to last as long as a regular pack of cigarettes, so purchasing a 5-pack costs you just $1.50 for each cartridge (if you purchase in bulk).

Pack-a-day smokers usually spend $150 to $350 every month on traditional cigarettes. For the same amount of smokes, you can get V2 Cigs for only $45!

Compared to other leading Ecig brands, V2 is still the best option for budget-conscious customers. Based on prices listed online in August 2012, you’d be spending around $133 for NJOY, $80 for Green Smoke, $76 for Safe Cig, and $63 for Blu every month for the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes a day. At roughly $45 per month, V2 Cigs gives you the best value for your money.

If you prefer to refill your own cartridges then you could save even more money in the long run. V2 is selling blank cartridges which you can refill 5 times. A 25ml bottle of V2 E-liquid can fill 25 cartridges. You could end up paying just $27.90 for 25 cartridges – that’s less than $30 for 25 packs of cigarettes!

V2 Cigs also offers the most affordable entry starter kit among top-rank brands.

Support and Conclusion

When it comes to customer service, there’s no question that V2’s is the best in the industry. Critics and users alike are raving about the efficient customer service they provides through phone, email, or live chat.

Telephone and live chat customer service is available Monday through Friday, 10:00-23:00 EST, and Saturdays 11:00-17:00 EST. You can even request for a call-back from the support team by submitting a form.

The one area that most e-cig companies fail is client support quality. They really go the extra mile for you. Anytime you have questions, you can speak to someone who actually understands your problem and provides a quick and appropriate solution.

V2 Cigs offers $5 flat rate shipping for all orders placed in the US regardless of weight. Expedited services are available, including Ground, Priority, 3 Day, and Overnight. Orders worth more than $200 are shipped for free. International shipping is a little bit pricey, though, at $40 to $60.

All starter kits come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

About V2 Cigs

V2 Cigs is an electronic cigarette company based in Miami Beach, Florida. Founded in July 2010 by three ex-smokers, V2 Cigs is the #1 ranked electronic cigarette website by Alexa.

V2 Cigs has distinguished itself as a leader in the industry for its ever-expanding product lines, powerful vapor production, and great taste. This brand provides a tar-less alternative to conventional cigarettes at a fraction of the cost.

Most electronic cigarette brands are merely marketing companies and do not make their own products. The V2 Cigs supply chain is the most vertically integrated in the industry – from product design and engineering, to quality control and logistics, V2 Cigs is on top of every step of the manufacturing process. All V2 electronic cigarettes and accessories are designed by V2 Cigs engineers in California and Florida and assembled at V2 Cigs certified factories.

We like that they take your safety very seriously, that’s why the company tests every batch of e-liquid and publishes the results online. V2 Cigs also discloses every ingredient that goes into its E-liquid formula so you know exactly what you are inhaling.

Revolutionary in the electronic cigarette industry, the V2 Cigs Limited Lifetime Warranty applies to all electrical components for the life of your product.

V2 Cigs is a BBB Accredited Business since June 6, 2011.

V2 Cigs Conclusion

V2 Electronic Cigs continues to outclass some of the biggest names in the industry with its solid product, great price, and top-notch customer service, they propelled themselves onto the ecig market with the speed of a rocket and quickly become the #1 e cig online.

You get a full throat hit with no leaking liquid that has become a common problem with other brands. The draw is incredibly smooth and the flavors are very satisfying.

You can enjoy the same fluid smoking experience with an automatic battery or get the full-bodied thick vapor volume with a manual model. If you love blowing smoke rings, this is probably the only electric cigarette that can make that happen.

They made there products universal – you can refill its cartridges with other e-liquid brands and screw in different cartridges to its batteries. This way you can see and taste the V2 difference.

The wide range of battery and flavor options, the quality and consistency of the vapor produced, and the relatively cheap price for such a superior product make V2 e-Cigs the best choice in electronic cigarettes.

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