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Vapor Couture has made vaping fashionable with its stylish electronic cigarettes that are specially designed for women. And with unbeatable discounts from our Vapor Couture coupon codes, female smokers can easily turn their ecigs into gorgeous accessories without going beyond their budget.

Our Vapor Couture coupon code enables customers to purchase starter kits for 15% less while the promo code offers 10% discounts on all other Vapor Couture products.

As the only ecig on the market made exclusively for the ladies, Vapor Couture is both pretty and powerful. The entire collection was developed by the same team that turned V2 Cigs into America’s favorite electronic cigarette brand.

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Vapor Couture electronic cigarettes pack the same punch as V2 Cigs but in a slim profile that sits comfortably in a woman’s hand. The VC e-cigarette has a more elegant feel and creates a realistic experience as they are very similar to 100’s style smokes which are very popular with the gals.

VC ecigs come in four classy looks: brushed platinum, deep purple, rose gold, and the VC Signature print. In lieu of the usual LED glow tips, Vapor Couture has embedded its batteries with chic crystal jewels that sparkle with each satisfying puff.

VC cartridges are styled in the same colors and patterns of VC batteries so you can mix and match them to suit your personality. With funky bracelets, charms and a must-have clutch, Vapor Couture has everything a girl needs to vape in style.

Vapor Couture is not just a premium electronic cigarette – it is an eye-catching accessory fit for a celebrity. And it delivers the same strong vapors and delectable flavors that made you fall in love with V2 Cigs.

Vapor Couture Discounts on Batteries

Like its big brother, Vapor Couture produces a good amount of white cloud, with the density and volume of vapor equivalent to V2 Cigs. After a couple of priming puffs, expect levels of vapor that look like tobacco smoke.


The slim profile of Vapor Couture ecigs, although more comfortable to hold, can be a disadvantage when it comes to battery life. V2 ecigs usually last a day while VC batteries will need recharging after every four hours of moderate to heavy use. Fortunately, you get two batteries when you buy any VC kit so you always have a spare on hand. You don’t have to worry about overcharging your battery since Vapor Couture chargers have an automatic shut-off feature.

Vapor Couture Deals for Cartridges

Hand-picked for women’s discriminating tastes, VC cartridges are as tasty as they are eye-catching. The atomizer is built into the flavor cartridge so there is no maintenance required. You’ll know your cartridge needs replacing when the vapor diminishes or the taste changes.

Vapor Couture cartomizers are available in six flavors: Rodeo Drive, Bombshell, Passion Fruit, Fresh Mint, Strawberry Champagne, and Arctic Mint.

Each VC cartridge lasts between 150 to 200 puffs, or almost the same duration as smoking a pack of tobacco cigarettes. Vapor Couture flavor cartridges are available in Full, Med, Light, and Zero strengths.

Vapor Couture offers two types of starter kits: Essentials and Deluxe. Both kits feature two VC batteries, 10 flavor cartridges, and USB/wall chargers. The Deluxe Kit also includes one VC clutch and a lanyard with charm in your choice of color.

The VC clutch is one of the most popular products in the Vapor Couture line. A hard shell case with a long mirror, the VC clutch has space for two VC e-cigarettes, four refill cartridges, and a USB charger. This contemporary carrying case was designed with your favorite designer handbag in mind. The exterior is encased in etched leatherette fabric and includes a detachable wristlet handle. Get the fabulous VC clutch in black with silver hardware, bronze with gold hardware, or brown with gold hardware.

To get the best deals, always use a Vapor Couture coupon code when you make a purchase. Enjoy 15% discounts on VC starter kits and 10% off on cartridge refills, batteries, and accessories.

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