Volcano Ecigs Review – Part 4 Battery and Value

The performance of each Volcano battery depends on its mAh rating and your personal vaping style.

Volcano batteries usually last through 60 minutes of continuous vaping. Magma batteries roughly produce 2 hours of continuous use time. Inferno batteries with 650mAh rating can be used up to 4 hours before recharging. The Super Inferno 1000mAh battery lets you enjoy around 6 hours of vaping between charges.

Due to the variable voltage capabilities of the Lavatube, it is nearly impossible to gauge the amount of time the battery will last. Based on the average smoker’s experience, a ballpark figure would be 6 to 8 hours of continuos vaping time.

Regulated output on Lavatube batteries keeps the voltage the same with each puff – regardless of the remaining battery power. As the battery drains, the ecig will keep the voltage consistent.

If the activation button is held down for 10 seconds or longer, the Lavatube will shut itself down until the button is released to prevent overheating the atomizer and the device.

The Lavatube will automatically drop the voltage to 3.7 volts when it detects a low-resistance atomizer to protect both the battery and atomizer. If the atomizer is too low or shorted out, it will shut off power to the device to protect the Lavatube from being damaged.

The Lavatube continuously monitors battery voltage and automatically turns the device off when the battery is discharged. The device will also shut itself off if it detects any excessive over-current conditions.

You will know that you need to recharge your Volcano or Magma ecigs when the LED indicator light blinks repeatedly when you try to inhale on it and the unit does not produce any vapor.

The Inferno LED indicator light will turn from white to red when the battery is depleted to 10% charging capacity.  At this time it is recommended to recharge them.

The Lavatube has a built-in voltage meter. Simply press the red power button 7 times and it will display the voltage of the battery for a few seconds. This way you can monitor the power left in the battery. Once the battery voltage has dipped to 3.6 volts, it is suggested to recharge it. The LCD screen will also flash when the battery needs to be charged.

Volcano Batteries come in only two colors, black and white, but the tip come in a variety of LED colors ranging from…

  • Red
  • White
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Blue

Volcano Ecigs Value

For $11.99 (at time of review) you can get five Volcano pre-filled cartomizers, which translates to around $4.79 per pack of cigarettes. Not your cheapest cartridges when compared to other brands, but if you want to really enjoy huge savings, use blank tanks with your Volcano electronic cigarettes and refill them with Volcano V-Liquid.

For only $12.99 (at time of review) you can get a 15ml bottle of Volcano V-Liquid which is equal to a carton of cigarettes!

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